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First he pulled the man by holding his hand, then the crocodile attacked the man like this, it will give you goosebumps VIDEO

Crocodile attacks zookeeper (symbolic photo: Pixabay)

Some animals are truly capable of friendship, such as dogs and horses. If you treat them lovingly, they are also ready to do anything for you. However, there are some animals which, leave alone petting and befriending them, even going near them is not without danger. Lion, tiger and crocodile are among those dangerous animals. All they need is an opportunity, they attack anyone and eat them alive. Currently, a hair-raising video of a crocodile is going viral on social media.

Actually, some people had come to visit a zoo, which included some small children. While they were looking at the crocodile lying in the water, it suddenly attacked the zookeeper and grabbed one of his hands badly. His grip was so strong that it became difficult to free himself. With great difficulty his life was saved with the help of one person. At the same time, the condition of the children had worsened after seeing this dangerous scene.

watch the video

In the video you can see how the person who came to save the zoo-keeper sat on the crocodile’s back, but still he was not ready to leave the zoo-keeper’s hand. After a long time, when his grip loosened, he ran away from there, but the person remained sitting on his back. During this time, the crocodile tried hard to get the person down from its back, but the person did not get down. Later, as soon as he got the chance, he also got up from there and ran outside.

This hair-raising video of the crocodile attack has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with the ID named @PicturesFoIder. This video of two minutes 19 seconds has been viewed more than 25 million times so far, while more than one lakh people have liked the video and given various types of reactions.


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