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First do shopping with this app, later pay money comfortably, no interest will be charged

CRED New Feature: Through this app, users can make purchases despite not having money and can pay later comfortably.

CRED Has started a new service for its users. In this service, it provides its users Buy Now and Pay Later And offering tap to pay feature. That is, now users can do shopping even without money and can pay comfortably later. Indian in this Fintech The platform is doing this to promote engagement and monetization. The Bengaluru headquartered startup is entering the buy now and pay later category.

In such a situation, it will allow buyers to pay easily with more than 500 merchants on the app and with Swiggy, Zepto and Urban CompanyUrban Company will allow you to make payments without bills and recharges in 30 days.

Cred: Buy Now and Pay Later

  1. Startup said that whose bill amount is more than $ 6 billion i.e. about Rs 49,748 crore, they can recharge and spend the rest with one swipe and without OTP authentication code. The startup also said that the service launched by RBI-registered NBFC Parfait Finance Investments Pvt Limited will be rolled out for select users for the time being.
  2. The BNPL product is the latest in a line-up of new offerings from CRED in recent years as it moves to make its fintech apps a bigger part of its customers’ lives.
  3. The startup gives its customers the ability to lend to each other on the platform at “inflation beating” rates. The app launched Scan and Pay last year. Its fast UPI QR payments allows customers to earn rewards on every transaction they make for merchants.
  4. The Tap to Pay feature will allow users to make payments through their credit cards from their phones with a single tap at the terminal machine. This feature will first be launched for NFC enabled Android smartphones. For this, members will need to unlock their phones before tapping on merchants’ PoS machines.
  5. The startup said that Tap to Pay Address CRED members need a fast, simple and safe offline payment experience. Tap to Pay uses Safe Card tokenization technology to store the card token on the device.


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