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First Crypto Credit Card launched, customers will be able to use the card for free without paying any charges!

Crypto Credit Card: In the last few years, the craze of crypto has increased very fast among the people. In view of the increasing use of crypto, now crypto credit card has also been launched in the market. It will work just like a normal credit card. But, you have to pay for this card with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum. This card has been made in collaboration with Nexo and Mastercard. Those who invest money in cryptocurrencies will now get the benefit of this card. In this card, many new and great features have been given for the customers. The customer will not have to pay any kind of fee for shopping with this card.

Credit card will be available in exchange for cryptocurrency
According to the news agency Reuters, while giving information about this card, Nexo has said that the card will be launched only in European countries for the time being. Meaning, this card cannot be used in India right now. in European countries Through the card, users will be able to shop comfortably without paying any charges. Also, while issuing the Crypto Credit Card, the company will keep the cryptocurrency deposited by you as a guarantee. Generally, when banks give credit cards to customers, they do not take any kind of guarantee in return. However, the digital assets deposited by you in the crypto credit card will be held as a guarantee. Through this card, the user can shop without spending digital assets and without paying any charges on the card.

so much credit line
Generally, all the credit cards available are issued without guarantee but, this credit card offers a credit line of up to 90 percent of the deposit value of your cryptocurrency. That is, you can spend up to 90 percent of your deposits in cryptocurrencies through this card.

Card non-charge limit
The special thing about this card is that you will not have to pay any kind of monthly fee to take it. Along with this, the customer will also not have to pay a low minimum repayment or card inactive charge. You will not have to pay any card fee for spending 20 thousand euros through this card. At the same time, you will have to pay interest on expenses of more than 20 thousand euros.

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