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Find out which charger is real and which is duplicate


  • Duplicate chargers growing rapidly in the market
  • Fraud happening in the name of branded charger
  • Fake chargers are caught by customers at the cost of real

New Delhi. If your company’s smart phone charger gets damaged, then it is obvious that you go to the market and buy another charger, which is exactly the same as what is given to you by the company. However, many times when people buy a new charger, it does not work like the company’s charger. It looks exactly the same, but its speed is much less as well as it can be hot. One of the major reasons behind this happening is that many times shopkeepers sell fake chargers to the customers in the name of real and this is the reason why problems start coming in the smartphone. If you want, there are some easy ways to find out whether the charger you are buying is genuine or fake. So let’s know which are those tips.


If you are buying a smartphone charger, then first of all take a look at its quality.

Brand Name

If you go to buy a branded charger, first of all check its name, if it is a duplicate, then there will be some problem in its name or its font-style will be wrong so that you can find out whether it is real or fake.

on the spot testing

If you ever go to buy a charger, then open it and test it there, by this you will know the speed of the charger and if the speed is slow then you understand that there is definitely a problem with this charger.


Often duplicate charger manufacturers make some mistake in the design, so while buying a new charger, do not forget to take your old original charger and compare the new charger with it because if there is any problem in its design then you should understand that it is duplicate and can have a bad effect on your smartphone.

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