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Find Lost Phone: Phone is stolen? Track like this in a pinch; no one will be able to misuse

how to find lost phone: When our phone is lost or stolen, we usually file an FIR complaint or try our best to track it, but in the midst of all this, we forget to protect our data without taking care of it. But can be easily misused.

So it’s always best to block your SIM, erase data, and block your phone to keep your personal photos, videos and files safe from fraudsters. Let us know about some such steps that you should do after your smartphone is stolen.

block phone

CEIR is an official website launched by DoT to discourage mobile phone theft and help mobile phone owners to block or unblock their lost/stolen mobile phones. you website – – Click here and fill up the form to block your lost or stolen mobile phone.

But you have to file an FIR and provide some documents and details like mobile purchase challan, police complaint number, and the place where you lost your phone. Once you submit the form, your application to block your lost phone will be accepted.

Delete data like this sitting at home

If you use an Android phone, Go to and log in using your Google ID and password. You will then be shown your phone details and location. Now select Set up Secure & Erase option and delete all your lost/stolen phone data. iPhone users and log in using your Apple ID and password.

You can lock the phone sitting at home

You’ll be shown a list of your Apple products, so select the phone you want to delete and tap Delete. But if you are asked to enter a phone number or message, you can indicate whether the device is lost or how to contact you. Numbers and messages appear on the device lock screen. But, if you find the device before it is erased, you can cancel the request.

block sim card

Another important thing to do when your phone is lost/stolen is to block the SIM card so that no one can misuse your number. For that, you have to approach your telecom operator along with a copy of your FIR complaint.


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