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Financial Fraud: Rs 16 Lakh Withdrew From A Phone And Bank Account, Remember ‘These’ Things To Avoid Online Fraud


  • Increase in the incidence of online fraud.
  • Rs 16 lakh stolen from woman’s account
  • Avoid giving out bank account information to strangers.

The incidence of online fraud is on the rise. Cyber ​​criminals Looking for different ways to cheat. One such case involved fraudulent customer care. A woman from Gurugram has been similarly cheated of Rs 16 lakh. The cyber criminals emptied the bank account, believing the woman to be a customer care employee of the bank.

In Gurugram, a woman was similarly cheated in November 2021. The woman was also called by a person claiming to be a bank employee and defrauded her of Rs 13.15 lakh. Many such cases have come to light before. Therefore, caution is needed to avoid this fraud.

This is how deception happens

Cyber ​​criminals claiming to be bank employees Anydesk Asks to download software. Hackers gain access to computers and smartphones through this app. Hackers use this software to empty bank accounts.

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Keep these things in mind

  • Don’t download AnyDesk to your phone or computer without telling anyone.
  • Do not give any stranger access to computers, phones and devices via AnyDesk.
  • Avoid giving out bank account information to anyone on a phone call.
  • Note that bank employees never ask for a bank account username or password.
  • Never share your password with anyone.
  • Also, make sure that passwords and usernames do not fall into the hands of strangers.
  • Bank account, Change the password of the email id from time to time.
  • Don’t click on any unfamiliar link that looks like the bank’s website.


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