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Finance Minister appeals to startups to work in the areas of climate change, coarse grains

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman: Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Saturday appealed to startup units to work in relatively ‘less attractive’ areas like climate change, coarse grain production and improving the condition of farmers. Nirmala Sitharaman spoke about climate change while addressing the national conference organized to promote startups. He said that climate change will affect the agricultural pattern in the country, so measures have to be found to deal with it.

Appeal to Startups
She said, “Of course they are in areas like defense production, renewable energy, nuclear, satellite, space technology. You are already working in those areas. relatively less attractive. The Finance Minister said, “The innovations that are coming out from startups on climate and climate change are going to be very important.”

Work should be done in such areas to generate employment – ​​Finance Minister
He asked various start-up units to work towards improving the condition of farmers, urban residents and provide solutions for healthy eating through coarse cereals. Sitharaman said that along with value addition, they can also look at those markets from where farmers can get better prices. Along with this, employment should also be created for them. He said that importance should be given to climate and its related solutions for a better climate situation in India.

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It is necessary to pay attention to the issues related to climate change – Finance Minister
The Finance Minister warned that if the issues related to climate change are not addressed, it will prove to be very costly for the Indian economy and it will not be affordable at all. Nirmala Sitharaman also praised the farmers on this occasion. He said that the farmers have ensured that the agriculture sector performs well between the years 2020 and 2022. Even during the Russia-Ukraine war, when the world is facing food security, countries like India with rich agricultural tradition were able to do well. He also said that startups will have to find innovative ways to deal with the vagaries of monsoon.


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