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Finally, a truly new Athlon. Quad-core Athlon Gold Pro 4150GE not yet presented, but already on sale

AMD may finally release more modern Athlon processors.

New Athlon CPUs are released almost every year, but they are all based on the Zen architecture so far. And this is the corresponding performance, and the old 14-nanometer process technology. Intel was also in no hurry to strengthen its Celeron and Pentium, but new low-end Alder Lake processors are already on the nose.

And the data on the Athlon Gold Pro 4150GE processor appeared on the Internet. It is not yet clear whether it will have a regular version (without the Pro prefix), but if it does, the characteristics are usually identical.

So, first of all, the Athlon Gold Pro 4150GE is finally using a more modern architecture. While this will be Zen 2 and not Zen 3, the performance gain should still be big. Secondly, this is a new 7nm process technology for Athlon. Thirdly, Athlon Gold Pro 4150GE is a quad-core, although without SMT support.

APU frequencies are equal to 3.3-3.7 GHz, there is also 4 MB cache memory of the second level and a TDP of 35 W. As for the integrated GPU, this is the third generation Vega with 320 stream processors at 1500 MHz. In comparison, the Athlon Gold Pro 3150GE has 192 1100 MHz stream processors.

Interestingly, the APU is already on sale on Aliexpress, although they now want $ 118 for it.

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