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Fiber optic data transmission speed record set

The experiment’s authors collaborated with Nokia Bell Labs in the USA and the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) in Japan. To exploit the potential of fiber optics, they utilized additional wavelength bands.

Fiber optic data transmission speed record set

Currently, fiber optic data transmission utilizes C- and L-bands. However, the experiment’s authors devised a method to achieve stable data transmission speeds through the E- and S-bands. To accomplish this, scientists developed new types of optical amplifiers and optical equalizers capable of amplifying and correcting the light rays passing through fiber optic cables. Consequently, they achieved a record speed of 301 Tbit/s. Previously, at the end of last year, a speed of 22.9 petabits per second was reported, but it involved the use of several cables.

The method capitalizes on the existing cable capacity, although these bands are not currently utilized. The solution is touted as an affordable and environmentally friendly means to expand the capacity of the information superhighway.


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