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Fiance was cheating, when girlfriend got the news, she took revenge in classic style

Fiancee took revenge in amazing wayImage Credit source: Freepik

The biggest thing in a love relationship is trust…here everything is completely justified but no one tolerates cheating. Now whether there is a girlfriend or a boyfriend, everyone should keep this delicate thing safely. Nowadays, people do not understand the depth of trust at all and cheat in this relationship. You must have read and heard many stories related to this till date, but the story which is in discussion these days is a little different.

According to the report published in the English website Mirror, this case is being reported from Britain. Here a woman narrated the story of her fiance on TikTok. Where after being cheated by her fiancé, she did not curse her fate but instead took revenge from her fiancé in such a way that even the snake died and even the stick did not break. This method of his revenge was quite powerful. When he narrated this story of revenge on TikTok, people liked it very much.

What did the girlfriend do?

This woman’s name is Jamie and she shared the story on TikTok at @glitteremcee. Where she told that first she left the house in which she lived with him but before leaving, she hid frozen fish at various places. Now we all know how much frozen fish stinks and something happened when he reached there with his girlfriend, the whole thing started smelling so badly.

After knowing this story, people have given their feedback by commenting on it. One user wrote, ‘This is a perfect way to take revenge.’ While another wrote, ‘Such people should take revenge like this.’ Apart from this, many other users have given their feedback by commenting on this,


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