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Feel free to drive your car on Holi without worrying about colors, the car will return home without damage

While using your car on Holi, one always worries about the colors and these colors make a mark on the exterior of the car. But how can you save your car in this festival of colors, in this news we are giving you information about some of these tricks.

New Delhi : Holi is the festival of colors and on this day, not only in the country but all over the world, colors and gulal are used a lot. Whether going to relatives’ house or celebrating Holi with friends, you need to worry about your vehicle on this day. Especially when you are the owner of the work. There is every possibility of getting paint on your car on the day of Holi. Gulal doesn’t do much damage, but the solid color leaves its mark on the car and getting it off becomes a laborious task. Today we are telling you about the easiest ways to avoid this.

get your car polished

If you need to use your car on Holi and also want to protect your car from damage, then get your car polished a day before Holi. By doing this, the surface of the car gets covered with a kind of waterproof coat on which the color does not last. Whenever someone throws color on the car with a bucket or a pitchfork or a balloon, it gets washed away as soon as it hits the car and your tax is saved from the marks of colors.

Follow this effective desi formula

If you live in a small town and you do not get polish there, then there is nothing to worry about. You can solve this problem in your own home. All you have to do is take coconut oil kept in the house and apply it comfortably on your entire car with the help of a cloth.

What to do if not using

If you are not using your car on the day of Holi, then do not park it without this cover at all. Actually keeping the car parked open can also cause damage. The children of the locality will throw colors on it, which will leave marks, so you should keep your car covered. For this use a good waterproof cover so that the colored water does not penetrate it at all.

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