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Father! Be alert as hackers can get your details even with the help of Bluetooth

New Delhi: Bluebugging: Every smartphone these days has Bluetooth. Often users leave it in discovery mode. That means anyone can easily discover your device’s Bluetooth. Hackers also have an eye on this feature. With this, they can access most of the data on your device. It can be very dangerous in terms of privacy and security. If you also often turn on Bluetooth and use it for device pairing, you need to be careful.

Failure to do so may cause major damage. To avoid this, first you need to know what is Bluebugging. With the help of which the control of the device can go into the hands of the hacker. Not just bluebugging, hackers can access users’ data using bluesnarfing and bluejacking. Let’s know what bluebugging is and how to avoid it.

What is Bluebugging?

Bluebugging Attack is very dangerous. In this, hackers try to gain access to the victim’s device and obtain the content. Bluetooth connection is used for this. By altering the connection, attempts are made to steal users’ passwords and other details. For this, hackers first access the victim’s device and then install the malware.

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With this, they can easily access the victim’s device in the future. Through this, users are also spied on. This type is so dangerous that hackers can even listen to phone conversations. Apart from this, the messages of the victim can also be read.

Stay safe by:

A hacker needs to be in your range to perform a Bluetooth attack. Such attacks usually take place in public places. Do not accept any unknown Bluetooth pairing and keep the device’s Bluetooth off when not working. For this, attackers take advantage of flaws in the software. Keep device and software updated.

If your device’s Bluetooth is discoverable, turn it off. If you’re going to connect Bluetooth to devices like audio speakers or earbuds, use your home or private space for this. Hackers can target you by doing this in crowded places.


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