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FASTag: NHAI had to pay Rs 10 more, had to pay 800 times fine

The central government has made FASTag mandatory for toll tax. If your vehicle is not recharged with FASTag, then you will have to pay double toll tax. But what to do if NHAI unnecessarily charges more FASTag? Usually people will ignore being charged Rs 10 extra. But Santosh Kumar of Gandhinagar did not do so. Due to this, he got Rs 8000 more for 10 exchange.

What is the whole matter?

Actually the matter is of Gandhinagar. Where in the year 2020, 38-year-old Santosh Kumar was charged Rs 40 instead of Rs 35 for toll tax on the highway. This happened to him twice. In this way, Rs 10 more toll tax was collected from Santosh. By the way, 10 rupees is not much. But Santosh filed an application in the court against the Rs 10 overcharge, where NHAI was found guilty during the hearing of the case. In the case, the court ordered NHAI to pay a fine of Rs 8000 to Santosh.

Santosh first approached NHAI against the overcharged money. But on not getting any relief, Santosh filed a case in the court against the project director of Chitradurga. In the case, the project director of NHAI told the court that on July 1, 2020, the toll tax for the car was Rs 38. While the toll tax for Light Commercial Vehicle was Rs 66. But NHAI had issued a circular on 6th April 2018, according to which the toll tax for the car was Rs 35. The toll tax for the same light commercial vehicle was Rs 65. In this situation, Santosh Kumar won. The court ordered NHAI to refund the extra Rs 10 extra toll tax. Also imposed a compensation of Rs.8,000. Thus Santosh got Rs.8000 for Rs.10.

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