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Farewell, family. Failed Fast & Furious Crossroads to be removed from stores

Thousands of games come out every year – hit, passable, and sometimes frankly unsuccessful. Sometimes releases are so terrible that shortly after the premiere, the developers themselves decide to put them out of sight without the right to return. Such a fate will befall the recent race based on the movie series “Fast and the Furious”.

Steam has published an important message regarding Fast & Furious Crossroads. Its essence is simple: on April 29, the action movie will disappear from the Valve site once and for all. The current owners of the action on wheels and DLC for it need not worry – no one will remove the title from the libraries, just the “Buy” button will disappear from the page in the store (if it remains at all). A similar fate awaits Crossroads on consoles .

Recall that Fast & Furious Crossroads was released relatively recently – in August 2020. Despite the talented team of Slightly Mad Studios (Need for Speed: SHIFT, Project CARS) at the helm, the Fast and the Furious interactive spin-off turned out to be an absolute failure: gamers and representatives of the specialized press criticized everything from gameplay and graphics to frankly unnecessary multiplayer.

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