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Faraday Future showcases FF 91 pre-production car in California, expected to enter mass production in the third quarter

After previously predicting that the FF 91 will be mass-produced this year, Faraday Future announced at an event at the Hanford factory in California earlier that the first FF 91 pre-production car has been assembled and is expected to be assembled in the first half of this year. Entered mass production in the third quarter.

Although it is far from the goal announced last year that it will start delivering cars in the first quarter of this year, as early as Faraday Future’s first electric car is finally no longer displayed in a static form, or just a plan on paper.

The FF 91 will be positioned as the most luxurious electric car in the industry. It will be sold at a price of 200,000 US dollars in the US market and 2 million yuan in the Chinese market .

And to lock the positioning of luxury electric vehicles, FF 91 has been advertised since its release to realize mobile entertainment, office and other space applications, including providing online interactive services with many large-size screens, real-time vehicle status monitoring, and ensuring the network through 3 SIMs. connection speed. The interior of the car is equipped with anti-gravity seats to provide a more comfortable riding experience. Even the rear seats can be completely reclined, and have heating and massage functions. The roof glass is equipped with PDLC (polymer dispersed liquid crystal) that can actively adjust the transmittance. , Polymer-dispersed Liquid Crystal) material glass.

The power output can reach 1050 horsepower, the peak torque can reach 1800Nm, and it can complete 100 kilometers acceleration in 2.39 seconds. The battery pack is equipped with a 130kWh capacity design, and the longest cruising distance under the EU NEDC standard can reach more than 700 kilometers.

In the previous statement, Faraday Future stated that the FF 91 with the top gauge is planned to be delivered in the first quarter of 2022, but it will be postponed to the third quarter. The FF 81 is positioned as a mid-range model and is expected to enter mass production in 2023, while the mass production of the entry-level FF 71 is scheduled for 2024.


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