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Faraday Future launches pre-production FF 91 electric vehicles

The American company Faraday Future, which tried to try on the status of “Tesla killer” about eight years ago, went through a thorny path to the start of the production of pre-production electric vehicles, and only this month the first copy of the FF 91 crossover rolled off the assembly line of an enterprise in California. Serial production should start in the third quarter.

Throughout its life, Faraday Future was accompanied by scandals, lawsuits and rumors of imminent bankruptcy, but the company miraculously remained afloat. Last summer, it entered the stock market through a SPAC deal, and in October outlined seven steps towards the start of production and sale of electric vehicles of the FF 91 model. The start of production of pre-production crossovers for certification and testing is considered the fourth step of seven. Serial production of machines is planned to be launched in the third quarter.

The FF 91 crossover has a power plant with three electric motors with a total capacity of 1050 hp. It accelerates to 100 km/h in 2.39 seconds. The car is said to be equipped with lithium-ion batteries with the highest charge storage density, which is twice that of competitors. At the same time, the power reserve is not particularly impressive for such ambitious statements – about 480 km without recharging. Apparently, a balance has been found between the mass of the battery and the mileage on a single charge.

Along the way, Faraday Future launched a marketing campaign among potential car owners and connoisseurs of the brand, inviting them to download a branded mobile application and start earning “virtual medals” for completing various tasks. Most likely, the accumulated “bonuses” can then be used in the Faraday Future ecosystem to receive some material benefits.

source: The Verge



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