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FARAAZ movie download – 720p to 1080p review

Faraj film which is a film showing the topic of casteism. Before downloading FARAAZ movie, it would be right to understand its story only. The story is well written by the writer. It would be better to watch the trailer of Faraaz before watching it in theatres. Story like crime will be seen in Faraj, as well as emotional scenes will definitely be seen. The film Pathan is far better than Faraj . Then let’s know about the full details of the Faraj film, from knowing the names of the characters to watching the film.

Faraaz Full movie download

When it comes to downloading Faraaz movie, it cannot be done like this at all. Faraj has not yet come online, but it will take several days to come online. First of all, theaters remain the last option to watch Faraj movie, not any online platform. For many days, Faraaz will be shown in theaters only because the company is going to first collect Faraaz’s collection from there itself.

Due to these reasons, The Faraaz full movie download cannot be done at all till the end of February. The movie Faraj is released on 3 February 2023 in India. But on October 15, 2022, this film was released at the London Film Festival. Talking about Faraj’s trailer, its trailer has been released on YouTube since a long time. The trailer of Faraj has been released only on the YouTube channel named T-Series, which is the YouTube channel of a company itself. The trailer of Faraaz is released and made in Hindi language.

Talking about the duration of the trailer, it is 2 minutes 6 seconds. Only after watching the trailer of 2 minutes and 6 seconds should you make up your mind to go to the cinema hall and watch Faraaz. The views figure on the released trailer of Faraj has crossed 1.50 million. For information, you should also know that the trailer was released on February 16, 2023. Only after several days have passed, 10 lakh 50 thousand views have come on the trailer, out of which more than 2200 people had commented.

Around the month of April itself, we all will definitely get information about which OTT platform the Faraj film will be seen on. This is because the OTT rights of this Faraj film will be sold to some or the other company only after several days to come. Whichever company running the OTT platform gets the OTT rights of Faraj film, then that company will definitely release Faraj film on its OTT platform.

Faraaz Movie Story in Hindi

In the movie Faraj, the story revolves around a boy by the name of Faraj. Faraj as a Muslim who doesn’t want to leave his family and move to another country while his family members are trying to forcefully send him away to get a good education. Now instead of going to another country, Faraj stays back to celebrate Eid with his family. Now Faraj’s friend comes to Pakistan from India and now both of them go to some cafe for food and drink. The terrorists enter the cafe i.e. the restaurant where Faraj and his friend had gone.

These terrorists start attacking people. This attack is not done only on those people who are not Muslims. Hindu people are attacked only by the terrorists. Terrorists have now killed many people and some people are kept captive. The terrorists were ready to spare Faraj and not the rest of the people and his friend. Now, to know how Faraj will be able to save the Hindu people there and his friend from the terrorists, you will have to watch the movie Faraj.

Faraaz movie details

Full details of Faraj movie are as given by Heth in table form :

Theatre Release date 2023
OTT Release date None
OTT Platform None
Name of Writers Kashyap Kapoor
Raghav Kakkar
Ritesh Shah
Name of Director Hansal Mehta
Name of Producers Sagar Shirgaonkar
Sahil Saigal
Sakshi Bhatt
Mazahir Mandsaurwala
Bhushan Kumar
Sumit Sabharwal
Yogiraj Shetty
Krishan Kumar
Anubhav Sinha
Main Stars Aditya Rawal
Aamir Ali
Juhi Babbar
Trailer Released on T-Series
Language Hindi
Budget Rs. 20 Crores approx.
Collection upto 20 Crores


The budget details of Faraj did not come out from the side of the company. For this reason, we have not included any details of the cost incurred in making Faraj in the above table. On the other hand, as soon as we get the details regarding Faraj’s collection, we will keep updating the above table. You will get to know the collection details of Faraaz Ek only after its release. Faraj is a low budget film and its budget can be below Rs.50 crores. Faraj film which has been made available in both Hindi and English languages ​​in theaters and such information came out on the internet.

Now it is time to know the name of the character who will direct Faraj. Hansal Mehta is the director of Faraj film. There was only one director of Faraj, but who is the writer? The writers who wrote the story of Faraj are Kashyap Kapoor, Raghav Kakkar and Ritesh Shah. All the three writers together have written the story of Faraj, but Hansal Mehta has directed it. Sagar Shirgaonkar, Sahil Sehgal, Sakshi Bhatt, Mazahir Mandsaurwala, Bhushan Kumar, Sumit Sabharwal, Yogiraj Shetty, Krishan Kumar, and Anubhav Sinha are the producers of the Faraj film.

Amitesh Mukherjee has done the work of editing Faraj film. Sameer Rahat did the work of making music and background audio. Cinematography was done by Pratham Mehta for the film Faraj. T-Series, Mahana Films and Benaras Media Works were the production companies of the Faraj film. The distribution companies in the Faraj film were AA Films, Viacom18 Studios, Anand Pandit Motion Pictures and Home Screen Entertainment. If you want to know all the details in Faraj film, then now we are going to tell about it.

Nikhil S Kovale was the production designer for the Faraj film, Shivank Kapoor was the costume designer. Hairstyling-makeup was done by Kritika Jain, Riya McLean and Bharti Koranga. The work of sound designers was done by Ashwin Dinesh, Vineet Ravindran, Krishna Moitra, Pranit Purav, Ashish Thomas, Kuvar Gor and Mandar Kulkarni. The names of the characters involved in the camera and electrical department of Faraj film are Nihal Maity, Dheeraj Singh, Vrishabh Sanskar, Tejinder Singh Khamkha, Rajeev Maloo, Prathamesh Prakash Avsare and Shivam Singh.

The characters involved in the casting department of Faraaz were Alok Singh and Renuka Purohit. The editorial department included characters like Arnav Malhotra, Ashirwad Hadkar, Sajith Rajendran, Rucha Prabhune, Akanksha Sondhi and Rachita Singh. The characters included in the music department were Akhil Jain, Alok Ranjan Srivastava, Sameer Rahat and Siddharth Pandit. Joining the art department are the characters Aniket Toro and Sayali Bhogle.

Faraaz movie Casts

The list of the names of the important characters involved in Faraj is as given by Heth in the English language:

  1. Aditya Rawal
  2. Amir Ali
  3. Juhi Babbar
  4. Amir Shoeb
  5. Kumar’s temptation
  6. Zahan Kapoor
  7. Ashish Bhatt
  8. Abhirami Bose
  9. Nitin Goel
  10. Rohit Kakde
  11. Rohan Roy
  12. Wasim Khan
  13. Jatin Sarin
  14. Harshal Pawar
  15. Ninaad Shaunak Bhatt
  16. Hadelin de Ponteves
  17. Reshham Sahaani
  18. Vaibhav Gohil
  19. Ankur Srivastava

The list of the names of the important characters involved in Faraj is given in the Hindi language according to Heth:

  1. Aditya Rawal
  2. aamir ali
  3. juhi babbar
  4. aamir shoaib
  5. Godan Kumar
  6. Jahan Kapoor
  7. Ashish Bhatt
  8. Abhiram Bose
  9. Nitin Goyal
  10. Rohit Kakde
  11. Rohan Rai
  12. wasim khan
  13. Jatin Sarin
  14. Harshal Pawar
  15. Ninad Shaunak Bhatt
  16. hedeline de pontevs
  17. resham sahni
  18. Vaibhav Gohil
  19. Ankur Srivastava

Do you know that apart from these many people had also worked in Faraj. But the list of the names of all those people will be seen inside the film Faraj till the end. While the number of characters playing an important role is 19 in the Faraj film who have played an important role. Aditya Rawal is seen in the most important role in Faraj film.

Faraaz movie download 480p

In 480p, the size of Faraj can be seen around 550MB. The exact size of Faraj film will be known only after going on OTT platform. But Faraj has not come on any OTT platform yet. For this reason Faraaz movie cannot be downloaded in 480p right now. There will be no option to watch Faraj online as it is being released only in theatres. After a few months, the feature of downloading Faraaz movie will be available on OTT.

SHD quality will be the most preferred option by the viewers to download Faraaz movie. The movie Faraj is not showing in movie theaters in SHD quality. Rather, the movie Faraj will be shown in cinema halls with maximum resolution. But to watch Faraaz again and again, you should download and keep Faraaz movie. Choose the SHD quality option to watch Faraj in the right low price because internet will be less used.

Faraaz movie download 720p

In 480p, the size of Faraj can be seen around 700MB. To download Faraaz movie in less size than this, only 480p quality will be correct. To get the best quality, downloading Faraaz movie in 720p only would be the right option. But Faraaz hasn’t come on any OTT platform yet and for this reason Faraaz movie download in 720p cannot be downloaded yet. Faraj will be shown offline first. Faraaz is expected to be released in 720p only on Zee5 OTT platforms.


Not the most option will be selected by the viewers to download Faraaz movie in HD quality. Viewers will choose SHD quality instead of HD as soon as the film Faraj comes on OTT. The movie Faraj will be shown in cinema halls not in HD quality but with High Resolution. To get average quality movie Faraj, choose HD quality and not SHD quality. If you want to save maximum internet then choose SHD quality and not HD to watch movie Faraj.

Faraaz movie download 1080p

Although it is possible to download Faraaz movie in 1080p but not now. In the beginning of April, perhaps Faraj can be seen on one or the other OTT platform. As we told you above that Faraj Movie which is going to release on 10th February, then Faraj will not air online during its release. The last option to watch Faraj quickly is cinema halls and not any online platform. Faraaz is expected to be released in 1080p only on Zee5 OTT platforms.

The FHD quality will not be the most chosen by the viewers to download Faraaz movie. Instead of FHD, the audience will choose SHD quality to watch the film Faraj after it is released on OTT. The movie Faraj will be shown in cinema halls not with FHD quality but with High Resolution. FHD quality can be selected to watch average quality Faraj movie.

Faraaz movie download 4k

In the best to best quality, it would be right to download Faraaz movie in 4k only. But downloading Faraaz movie in 4k will use more internet and storage. It is better to watch Faraaz in 4k quality than to watch it online. One should first watch the trailer of Faraj film which has been published by the company on YouTube. The views on the trailer have come in lakhs. The trailer of Hindi film Faraaz has already crossed 10 lakh views.

The film Faraj is expected to be released in 4k only on Zee5 OTT platforms. Faraaz is expected to be released in 4k only on Zee5 OTT platforms. You will get 4k quality even above FHD to watch the movie Faraj. But internet will be of maximum use if the movie Faraj is seen in 4k resolution. There will definitely be an option to watch the movie Faraj in 4k in OTT but only after purchasing the subscription pack.

Faraaz movie watch online

As many people are going to download Faraaz movie, the same number of people are going to watch online only. When it comes to free then viewers only think about Faraaz movie download. Whereas the method of watching Faraj online is mostly chosen by the audience if OTT platform is chosen. Because choosing OTT platform is considered a good option to watch Faraj online. We will be able to see Faraj online only after a few months.

From now on you can watch Faraj in cinema halls. But after a few days, the showing of Faraj in cinema halls is to be stopped. That’s why if you want to watch Faraj, book a ticket to the cinema hall as soon as possible. If Faraj has been stopped from being shown in cinema halls, then only OTT platform should be sought after that. An OTT platform should be found where Faraaz is released. It is not yet known on which OTT Faraaz will be released in the coming time.


Downloading or watching Faraaz movie for free is illegal and there are strict laws in place for this. That’s why if you want to watch a movie then watch the movie from theater or OTT platform only so that you don’t have any problem in future. This website of ours does not promote any pirated website or content, nor do we ask anyone to download any movie from pirated website, nor have we given any download link in this website. In this website, we have given only information about the movie.


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