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Fans calculated the cost of Gran Turismo 7 fleet

In early March, the premiere of Gran Turismo 7, the long-awaited new part of the main racing series on PlayStation consoles, took place. Unfortunately, the release was overshadowed by a number of factors – in particular, a monstrous emphasis on microtransactions. And this, as it turned out, is not just big words.

Fans from the gtplanet forum decided to calculate the total cost of cars in the seventh Gran Turismo. They made a spreadsheet, took up the calculators and came to the conclusion that in order to purchase the entire fleet, a novice racer would have to spend 305 million credits. Translated into real money, this amounts to 2985 dollars (292,530 rubles). Interestingly, the craftsmen did not take into account everything: the authors honestly admitted that they knew the prices of only 365 cars out of 424. Simply put, the above amount is not the limit at all.

Polyphony Digital, fortunately, is not sitting idly by: the studio has already promised to fix the shortcomings of Gran Turismo 7 with the next patches. In particular, the authors want to increase the amount of rewards that gamers will receive for participating in the races – in the release version, they give mere pennies for victories.

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