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Fans brought World of Warcraft to Europa Universalis IV

Talented video game fans often do what is impossible to do legally – that is, they make various unofficial collaborations of various titles. For example, a group of dedicated fans of Europa Universalis IV combined strategy with the world of World of Warcraft.


The World of Warcraft Universalis mod is now available on the Steam Workshop. Work allows you to play a familiar strategy on a new map. She, as you might guess, is Azeroth with its several continents. They are located more than a hundred countries, numbering over three thousand provinces. At the same time, heroes, cultural characteristics, religions and other game mechanics are based on the mythology of Warcraft.

You can download the ambitious fan work World of Warcraft Universalis absolutely free of charge at this link  – just log in with your Steam account and click on the “Subscribe” button. Of course, this will require a purchased and installed digital copy of the original Europa Universalis IV.

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