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Fanatics from South Korea have invested $ 15 billion in Tesla. “Teslamists” unconditionally believe in Elon Musk and his company

According to Bloomberg, investors from South Korea have invested more than $15 billion in Elon Musk’s Tesla company. It is noted that in one case, a South Korean family bought Tesla shares with all their savings: Park Sunghyun and her husband sold their house in Seoul and moved into a rented apartment with their 7-year-old son, and all available funds in the amount of 230 thousand dollars invested in Tesla. According to Bloomberg, the majority of investors bought shares during the pandemic.

Bloomberg writes that such investors call themselves “Teslamists” – from the words Tesla and Islam, emphasizing the almost religious faith in Musk and his company. In online conversations, some investors also use the phrase “temen” – a combination of the words Tesla and amen.

Key Tesla Investors

Investors from South Korea collectively own approximately 1.6% of the company’s shares. This is more than the share of billionaire Larry Ellison or investment group T. Rowe Price.

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