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Family members of central employees will get family pension if the name is not in the record

Central Government Family Pension Rules: Even if a person’s name is not included in the official records for getting family pension, he can still apply for family pension. The Department of Pension and Pensioners’ Welfare (DoPPW) released the Office of Memorandum on October 26, 2022, which explains how a person can apply for family pension if the name is not in Form 4 or official records.

What is Form 4?
All central employees have to fill Form 4 which contains the details of their family members and submit the same to the head office. This list includes the details of family members which are as follows.

1. Wife or husband, including a judicially separated wife or husband.
2. Whether son or daughter is eligible for family pension as on the date of submission of Form 3 and details of all children (including children from deceased or divorced wife)
3. Parents
4. Disabled Siblings

A government employee has to give the details of these family members whether they are entitled to get family pension or not. The employee shall also from time to time inform the Head Office about the change in the size of his family including the marriage of his child. The head office also verifies whether the employee has filled the form properly as per the rules or not.

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If a family member is not included in Form 4 and wants to claim family pension after the death of a government employee, then he can claim for family pension. According to DoPPW, if the Head Office is satisfied with the claim, the claim of any family member will not be rejected on the ground that the details of such family member are not available in Form 4 or office records.

DoPPW has asked all the Ministries/Departments to bring to the notice of the personnel dealing with pension benefits the above provisions relating to grant of family pension to any member of the family whose name is not included in Form 4 or office records.

The government employee will have to submit up-to-date family details in Form 4 along with pension papers before retirement. If a Government servant marries or remarries or gives birth to a child after retirement, he has to inform the Head Office.

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