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Fake iPhone 13 racket busted, check online if your phone is fake

New Delhi. Fake smartphones are being sold in the country’s capital Delhi. Noida Police has busted a gang, which was selling iPhone 13 at a cheap price. This gang has been caught with 60 fake iPhones. According to the police, this gang used to sell fake iPhones for Rs 12,000. While the price of the original iPhone 13 is around Rs 50,000. This gang used to get the iPhone 13 box from China for Rs 4,500. Also used to ask for Apple stickers worth Rs 1000. In this case, is your iPhone fake? Let’s know how to identify real and fake iPhone

check packaging
The model number, serial number, and IMEI should be displayed on the iPhone box. Phone details are available when you open the Settings app and select General > About. If your details do not match, then your phone may be fake.

Where to verify serial number
The serial number can also be verified at Entering an iPhone’s serial number into Apple’s Warranty Status website will provide information about the model, warranty period, support status, and more about the phone.

Check IMEI number by dialing
Check IMEI number at Every phone gets a unique IMEI number. Searching that number in the database will give you information about the phone. Dial *#06# on the keypad or check the SIM tray to search the IMEI.

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Do physical checking of the phone
Check for the Apple logo on the back of the iPhone. All iPhones have the Apple logo on their rear. A Certified Apple logo should not have a raised or textured feel. If rubbing your finger on the logo feels different than rubbing it on the back of the iPhone, then the phone is bad.


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