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Fake Heart Rate Sensor is not visible in your Smartwatch, do such checks immediately

Almost all smartwatches and bands these days have heart rate sensors. But, what is the guarantee that the heart rate monitor on your fitness tracker is actually a work or a fake? Know whether your smartwatch or fitness band is real or fake. 

Through these tips Heart Rate Sensor in Smartwatch Fake or Genuine
1) Many generic smartwatch or smart band OEMs are selling their product with fake heart rate sensor. True heart rate consists of at least two LEDs with a sensor between green and infrared (IR) light. If your smartwatch or band has only two LEDs without any sensor, the manufacturer has used simple LED lights that mimic a photoelectric heart rate sensor and these heart rate sensors are fake.

2) Check for fluctuating heart rate during exercise. The easiest way to find out if your smartwatch or fitness band has a fake heart rate sensor is to check if it fluctuates during exercise. Is. Normal heart rate ranges from 60 to 100 beats per minute. Running or working out increases the heart rate by about 110 to 140. So, wear a watch or band, run for at least five minutes and then check your heart rate. If the fitness band has a fake heart rate sensor, it will continue to show normal readings, even if you’ve just done vigorous exercise.

3) Check Heart Rate Sensor With Pulse Oximeter: You can use pulse oximeter to check the accuracy of the heart rate monitor of your smartwatch or fitness band. All you have to do is wear a watch or band and put a pulse oximeter on your finger. Start Heart Rate Monitor and compare the data. The readings should be more or less equal, except for a few points difference. This is an indication whether the smartwatch or band has a real heart rate sensor or a fake. If the data shown on the watch is completely different, then it is a fake or a wrong sensor. 

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