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Fake Call: SIM will be blocked in 2 hours? If you get such a call, don’t be afraid, do this immediately

Fraudsters are constantly devising new tricks to deceive people. Recently, they have resorted to frightening individuals by making threatening calls, claiming to block their SIM cards within 2 hours unless money is paid. Here’s what you should do if you receive such a call and how to verify whether your SIM card is genuinely at risk of being blocked:

The incidence of cyber fraud is escalating rapidly, with individuals falling victim to scams on a daily basis. The primary reason behind these fraudulent activities is the lack of accurate information, enabling fraudsters to easily exploit people. These deceitful individuals are now resorting to instilling fear in people by calling them and issuing threats to block their SIM cards within a short timeframe.

Fear has the power to prompt even the most rational individuals to act impulsively, and these fraudsters are well aware of this fact. When individuals receive such intimidating calls, they often panic and, without considering the consequences, comply with the demands of the fraudsters, leading to significant financial losses, including empty bank accounts.

Here’s what you should do first if you receive such a call, without succumbing to fear. Additionally, we’ll outline how you can ascertain whether your telecom provider genuinely intends to take action against your SIM card:

This isn’t the first time such calls have been reported; similar instances have occurred in the past. The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) periodically issues warnings to alert people that these calls are fraudulent and are not made by the DoT.

Deceptive Calls: How Scammers Execute Their Scheme

To swindle money, fraudsters typically initiate calls informing individuals that their SIM card will be deactivated within the next two hours. They then instruct the victim to press a specific number (e.g., 9) to keep their SIM active. It’s crucial not to fall for this ploy and to disconnect the call immediately.

If you receive such a call, disconnect the call and then seek clarification by posing pertinent questions to determine whether any action is genuinely being taken against your SIM card. You can obtain this information by contacting your SIM card provider’s customer service helpline.

Alternatively, you can visit the nearest Airtel/Jio/Vi store to verify the status of your SIM card and inquire whether any impending action is planned.

By taking these steps, you can verify whether the threat to block your SIM card is legitimate. If it turns out to be a hoax, you should report the incident to the appropriate authorities.

Online Complaint

Fake call complaint (

To make a complaint, first go to On the homepage of the site, you will have to click on Citizen Centric Services.

Fraud Call Online Complaint

Online complaint of fraud call (

After clicking on Citizen Centric Service, you will have to click on Report Suspected Fraud Communication option. On the next page you have to tap on Continue for Reporting option.

Fake Call Complaint

How to complain about fake call online (

After this you will be asked some important questions like first of all you will be asked whether you have received the threat of SIM block in 2 hours through call, SMS or WhatsApp.

Online Complaint Fake Call

How to complain about fraud call (

After this the details of the fraud caller will be asked. After filling the details, you will have to enter personal details and then you will be able to submit your complaint through OTP verification.

Online Complaint Fraud Call

How to complain about fake call (

Financial Fraud: If money is deducted then complain here

If you received such a call and transferred money to the fraudsters or money was deducted from your account, then you will have to file a cyber crime report in this case.

Chakshu Suvidha does not handle financial fraud or cyber crime cases, which is why in this case you will have to file a report for suspicious calls on Apart from this, you can also call the cyber crime helpline number 1930 and lodge a complaint.

Safety Tips: Keep these three things in mind

  • If you get a call threatening to block your SIM within 2 hours and the other person asks for your personal information, then you should not share your personal details with any unknown person.
  • Always keep in mind that the Department of Telecommunication or your telecom company will never make such calls to you. If you still get a call like this, then understand that it is a fake call.
  • The third thing that you have to keep in mind is that you must file a complaint through Chakshu or National Cyber ​​Crime Portal.

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