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Facial like this with coconut water

Coconut Water: Coconut may be very hard from inside, but the water filled inside it is not less than a mine of qualities. Sometimes you are feeling tired or the body has been dehydrated, then just one coconut water is enough to give energy. Although we are all aware of the benefits of coconut water, but few people know that coconut water available for just Rs 40 can compete with the most expensive cosmetic facials. For this you just need to know how to do facial with coconut water. You can get a priceless glow for the price of just one coconut. So let us tell you step by step method of doing Coconut Water Facial.

Step 1: Cleaning

First of all, to do facial with coconut water, clean your face thoroughly with coconut water. Apply coconut water on the face just like soap, massage with light hands and then wash the face with fresh water. By doing this you will feel refreshing.

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Step 2: toning

Toning is very important after cleaning the face. In such a situation, to add toning qualities in coconut water, add a little rose water to it. You spray this mixture on your face. If you want, you can also apply this toner on the face using a cotton ball. Take special care that after applying this toner, do not wash the face, rather let it dry on the face itself.

Step 3: scrub

Mix coffee in coconut water to make a great scrub. Now apply this mixture of coffee and coconut water on the face and rub it with light hands. This coconut water mixer with bhabhi also acts as a great exfoliator which helps to remove white, black heads and dead skin from the skin.

Step 4: massage

The fourth and most important step of facial is massage. To massage the face, mix aloe vera gel in coconut water and massage it well with this mixture for facial. Massage the face for at least 15 minutes.

Step 5: face pack

After following these four steps, now it is the turn of the face pack. To make a face pack, mix coconut water with gram flour, turmeric and honey. Make a fine paste by mixing all these things and apply it on the face. Wash off after the face pack dries. After completing the five steps of facial with coconut water, you will feel a different glow on your face.


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