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Facebook’s mistake will send you to jail! you haven’t done it anywhere


  • Facebook can land you in jail
  • Users’ mistake can be heavy
  • even you are not doing this mistake

New Delhi. Facebook is used by most of the users nowadays. It is a great platform to stay updated with people, however, if it is not used carefully, it can land you in legal trouble. Many people who are active on Facebook do not know that if precautions are taken here then accidents can happen at any time. Some people do not think before writing or sharing anything on Facebook that what will be its answer and then they have to face serious consequences many times. If you also do not want to get caught in these cycles, then today we are going to tell you about those mistakes of Facebook, which can send you to jail.

use of profanity

If you are continuously using abusive words against any person or organization through your post, then doing so can send you behind the bars of jail. If the information of these posts is brought to the IT cell, then you will be caught in the hands of the law. If you also do this, then immediately change this habit of yours.

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objectionable post

Even if you are sharing your thoughts through a post, but if that post is objectionable or something has been written in it that tarnishes the image of any person, sect or any institution, then such post will put you in jail. can reach behind.

Offensive video or photo

Some people post objectionable photos or videos from their Facebook accounts, which can be objectionable to anyone. Although Facebook already makes such photo videos, but even if it is not deleted, then there is every possibility of police action on them, in such a situation you should not make this mistake.

factless information

Many times people put factless information in their post in order to post first, due to which people may have trouble, in such a situation, before posting anything, the most important thing is that about it or that topic. Know and understand about it well because it can land you in jail.


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