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Facebook users beware! You may have to go to jail for making such a comment.

In today’s time, most people use social media platforms and Facebook and Instagram are among the most popular platforms. If you are also a Facebook user then pay attention here. For your information, let us tell you that for making a certain type of comment on Facebook, you can be punished and you may have to face jail air. 

These users can be jailed on Facebook 

In the increasing craze of social media, social media platforms are trying to take special care of the safety of the users. This is because there are many such users on Facebook who try to harass and defame others by making wrong kind of comments on their posts. Facebook can take action on the comments of such users and can even send the user to jail if needed. 

Please refrain from commenting like this

If you are wondering what kind of comments you should avoid, then let us tell you that if you make any comment related to casteist or any particular religion under someone’s post, then strict action can be taken against you. Action can be taken against you even if you insult, abuse or send obscene pictures in the comments section. 

Complain on inappropriate comments 

If the comment made on your post or on someone else’s post is obscene or wrong, then you can also file a complaint against him if you want. On Facebook, every user has the option to report any comment, so that the user can report the wrong comment to Facebook.  

You have to protect yourself from making such comments so that Facebook does not take any action on you and you can use the app without any hindrance.  

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