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Facebook Tips : How To Change Your Facebook Name In Minutes

How to Change Name in Facebook: Facebook Allows you to change your name once in a period of 60 days. There are many reasons for a user to change his name. They may want to associate their spouse with their own name or they may have legally changed their name. A user may simply want to change his/her name without any specific reason.

If you want to change your name on Facebook, but do not know how to change it, then today’s article is going to be useful for you because today we are going to tell you how you can change your name on Facebook. .

What is Facebook’s name change policy?

Facebook allows you to change your name with some restrictions. Facebook has a name change policy. If your account is eligible as per the Policy, Facebook will allow you to change the name of your profile. Here are the terms you need to know before you change the name on your Facebook profile. Words or phrases that go against Facebook’s Community Standards (example: abusive words that represent dangerous individuals).

In addition to the above terms, Facebook allows a user to change his name only once in a period of 60 days. And if you change your name very often, it can be extended up to 120 days. The company wants you to use your real name and not a fake one. Note that you may get banned if you use a fake name on Facebook.

How to Change Name in Facebook

Step 1: In your phone facebook app Download and launch it.
Step 2: Login to your account and tap on Hamburger Menu at the bottom right.
Step 3: Scroll down and tap on ‘Settings & Privacy’. Step 4: A drop down menu will appear, and you have to click on Settings.
Step 5: Now, go to the ‘Personal and account information’ option and tap on the name.
Step 6: Enter your new name and tap on Review Change. It will ask you to enter the password. Enter and tap on Save Changes.
Step 7: That’s it, your new name will be live on your Facebook profile after sometime.

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