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Facebook Tips: Earn money from Facebook online in these 5 ways


Facebook ranks first among the most used social media platforms in the world. This social media platform owned by Meta has millions of users. Today people earn lakhs of rupees from Facebook and you also have many options so that you can also make a lot of income on Facebook and that too by giving a little time. So let’s know today some tips with the help of which you can earn from Facebook.

best tips to earn money from facebook

We have told some great tips here, with the help of which you can earn a lot by spending some time on Facebook, so let’s know in details.

Monetize your Facebook page by making videos

Like YouTube, Facebook also gives users the opportunity to monetize their videos so that they can earn. According to you, you can earn money by uploading it on Facebook by making videos of the field in which you are best. However, for this you will need to create a Facebook page.

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earn money by becoming an influencer

Nowadays the craze of becoming an influencer is very high. People are earning lakhs of rupees from social media by becoming influencers and they also have a Facebook. You can earn a lot by doing paid promotion by becoming an influencer on Facebook. However, for this you must have more than 10 thousand likes on your page.

earn by making a blog

There is another way to earn from blog. Yes, just like you earn by adding a blog to Google Adsense, in the same way, there is a feature of Facebook Instant Article by which you can monetize the blog by creating a page. For this also your page should have at least 10 thousand likes.

You can also earn on Facebook from live events

Apart from all this, you can also earn by hosting live events on Facebook online. In this, the users attending the event will pay, from which you will earn.

affiliate marketing

If you have a Facebook Group with a lot of likes or a large number of members, then you can also earn by sharing your affiliate link. In this, you get a commission of some percentage on the sale of the product.


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