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Facebook Rules: This one mistake on Facebook can be expensive, you will have to eat straight jail time

New Delhi: Facebook Rules for post : If you are using Facebook, be careful not to create any rift in the society. Always keep in mind that you will not commit any kind of violation. Many people are sharing wrong and offensive posts on Facebook. The consequences can cost you dearly. If people in your friends list get to know about this post. Because, the company has deleted it. Therefore, the company considers it dangerous in terms of security. Also, if the offending post is not deleted, it can cause a big problem. Also, your one wrong post may lead to a crime like inciting riots, social discord, etc., and you may face jail time.

Posts made in offensive language

If you write any posts in which you write offensive or use obscene language. Such posts may be subject to action as per IT rules. The person who posted this. He may have to eat prison air.

Offensive photos
If you share an offensive photo of any person or organization on Facebook, you can face jail time. Also the court office may have to go around. Facebook itself blocks such content. But, if it is not, action can be taken against you if you complain about it.

Comment against caste

If a comment is made against any caste or community or a caste-indicative word is used, action may be taken against such person.

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