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Facebook is facing losses due to Chinese companies, Meta’s earnings decreased

New Delhi. In the world of social media, Facebook rules one-sidedly. Over time, more companies have knocked in the market to compete with Facebook. But Facebook has always held its position. Now this news can surprise Facebook lovers. Because now the new report that has come out has revealed that many other social media companies have started giving tough competition to Facebook.

Facebook’s ad sales have also been affected due to the fierce competition. The company’s shares have also fallen by 4.6% since the results were announced. Also, Meta’s revenue in the third quarter has reached $ 26 billion. Whereas earlier the revenue of Meta was $28.8 billion. However, till now the company has not clarified what are the reasons behind the decline in revenue. But what has now come to the fore is that behind the decrease in revenue, other companies have to come in the market.

If we look at the figures of last year’s quarter, then a different figure emerges. Because revenue in the third quarter last year was $29.1 billion. However, there is no decrease in the number of users of Facebook. In terms of users, the company has grown only. The number of daily active users has reached 1.97 billion. But it has definitely lagged behind in terms of ad sales. There can be many reasons behind this happening.

Now if we look at the market conditions, other companies have also entered in comparison to Meta. This has definitely divided social media users. Aids has also split after the arrival of other companies. After the arrival of different companies in the market, the ads have also been divided. In such a situation, the number of ads near Meta has also reduced. Due to less ads, the company’s revenue has also seen a decrease. Although the company has expected that it will increase very soon.

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