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Facebook-Instagram hit on 2.29 crore posts, action taken against Indian users

Meta took action on 2.29 crore content.

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Meta, a company owned by Facebook and Instagram, has taken strict action against Indian users. The company has informed about action being taken on 2.29 crore objectionable content on Facebook and Instagram. This data is based on November 2022 data.

social media giant meta Has taken major action against objectionable content in India. by the company in November facebook And Instagram But action has been taken against more than 2.29 crore posts of Indian users. american tech The firm has given this information in its monthly transparency report on Thursday. According to the data given in the report, the company has taken action against more than 1.95 crore content on Facebook and 33.9 lakh content on Instagram.

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Giving information about the action taken against the objectionable content of Facebook, the company said that action has been taken against 1.49 crore spam content on the social media platform. Apart from this, action has been taken against 18 lakh content related to ‘adult nudity and sexual activity’ and 12 lakh content related to ‘violent and graphic’ content.

meta took strict action

On Instagram, Meta has taken action on one million posts related to suicide or self-harm. Apart from this, the company has taken action on 7.27 lakh violent content, adult nudity and 7.12 lakh content related to sexual activity on the photo and video sharing platform. Action has also been taken by the company against 4.84 lakh content related to bullying or harassment.

Users troubled by hacking

Meta has identified 2.25 lakh pieces of content on Instagram as promoting ‘violence and incitement’. The company received 2,368 complaints on Instagram under the IT Rules, 2021, of which the maximum number of 939 complaints were about account hacking. Apart from this, 891 complaints of fake profiles and 136 complaints of threats or harassment have been received. The company said that it has received 94 complaints on Instagram, in which users have been shown content related to nude or sexual acts.

Settlement of these complaints

Meta has received 889 complaints on Facebook under this rule. To solve 511 of these cases, the company has provided tools to the users. In the case of Facebook also, users have made the most complaints about hacking. Some users are unable to access the Facebook page they used to manage earlier. Apart from this, there have also been complaints of content like threats or harassment, nudity, sexual activity etc. The company said that all complaints about page access have been resolved.



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