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‘Facebook failed to stop hatred against Rohingya Muslims’

The whole world has seen what kind of atrocities are being committed against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. A large number of Rohingya Muslims have taken refuge in Bangladesh. Now a report says that the social media platform Facebook has failed to detect inflammatory speeches attributed to violence against the Rohingya Muslim minority of Myanmar. Such behavior played a decisive role in the ‘genocide’ against him.

In a report shared with a news agency, it has been told that a group named Global Witness submitted 8 paid ads to Facebook for approval. Each of these included versions of hate speech against the Rohingya. Facebook had given approval to publish all 8 ads. Although the group took back ads before posting or paying for them, it suggests that despite its promises, Facebook fails to detect hate speech and callers for violence on its platform.

In 2017, Myanmar’s military conducted a clearance operation in western Myanmar’s Rakhine state following an attack by a Rohingya insurgent group. After this more than 7 lakh Rohingya fled to Bangladesh. Security forces were accused of gang rape, murders and setting fire to thousands of homes as part of the campaign.

On February 1 last year, Myanmar’s army forcibly occupied the country. There the democratically elected leaders were imprisoned. This occupation has been condemned by the Rohingya Muslims who have taken refuge in Bangladesh. People say that they are afraid to return to Myanmar.

Experts say such ads continue to appear and Facebook has yet to take concrete steps despite its promise to do better and assurances that it will take its role in the genocide on the Rohingyas seriously. It should ensure that such ads are not allowed on platforms like Facebook, which use abusive language calling for the killing of Rohingya Muslims.

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