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Facebook and Instagram removed 27 million posts in India in July

Social media platforms Facebook and Instagram have removed about 27 million posts in July. Both these sites are owned by Meta. Meta reported in its monthly report that in order to comply with the regulations related to social media platforms, it has removed about 173 million posts as spam and about 2.3 million posts for violent and graphic content.

Meta has also given information about the steps taken on complaints under the process of redressal of complaints. The company said that it has responded to all the reports of users. Monthly granted under IT Rules, 2021 Report In May Meta said it had removed about 25 million posts on Facebook and about 2 million posts on Instagram in July. About 1.73 crore spam posts have been removed on Facebook. Apart from this, action has been taken against about 1.1 lakh posts related to hate speech, about 23 lakh posts with violent and graphic content and 27 lakh posts with indecent content.

The company stated that Instagram But out of the deleted posts, more than 9 lakh posts were related to suicide and self-injury, while over 22,000 posts were hate speech and about 3.7 lakh posts were with indecent content. The capture rates for this type of content were 99.5 percent, 77.4 percent and 96 percent, respectively. Under IT rules, META’s social media platforms are required to respond to user complaints through a grievance redressal process. The company said that it had received 626 and 1,022 reports from users on Facebook and Instagram respectively and all of them have been responded to.

The resolution for 603 reports on Facebook has been done by providing the appropriate tools. Out of the remaining 23 complaints, nine have been acted upon as per the company’s policies. In 945 cases on Instagram, user issues have been resolved with the help of tools. Apart from this, action has been taken on 35 out of the remaining 88 reports. The central government has made strict rules to curb content like spam and hate speech on social media platforms. These rules have to be followed by the companies associated with social media.

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