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Extraordinary and revolutionary binoculars peeking into the past

The US space agency NASA has launched the James Webb Space Telescope into a very powerful telescope. This telescope will provide important information about the origin of the universe.

On Saturday, the James Webb Space Telescope was launched into space from the northeastern coast of South America. The نو 9 billion infrared telescope is being hailed as an addition to a new chapter in space observation science. The telescope was launched by the Aryan Five rocket into space from French Guinea via the European Space Agency at 12:30 a.m. local time on Saturday.

NASA used artificial intelligence to discover the eighth planet

Discovery of the 14th moon of Neptune

The launch was broadcast live on the webcast of NASA and the European Assessment Agency. If all goes according to plan, the 14,000-pound device will be the equivalent of a layered tennis court in the next thirteen days after landing in space, while traveling for another two weeks. It will reach its destination. The telescope will orbit the earth at a distance of one million miles from the surface of the earth, that is, four times more than the sun.

The telescope will peek into the past

There is currently the Hubble Space Telescope, 340 miles from Earth, which faces the shadow of the planet every 90 minutes as it orbits. However, WebTeleSchool is a hundred times more sensitive than Hubble and has the ability to peek through space and dust from space through its infrared spectrum. Scientists believe that this telescope will be able to see the early stars formed after the Big Bang, while it will be possible to better determine the location of the Earth and the solar system in the universe.

Explosions in the sun

James Webb will look at the universe with the help of infrared spectrum and thus will be able to see the stars formed in space gas and dust. Significantly, the Hubble telescope looks at the universe through lenses and ultraviolet wavelengths.

James Webb Telescope, an extraordinary telescope

The new lens’s primary lens is made up of eighteen hexagonal segments, encased in gold-plated beryllium metal. This telescope has the ability to collect far more light than Hubble, which means that this telescope has the ability to peek into the universe to a greater extent, that is, to look far back in the past than Hubble or any other telescope.

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