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Extra Income: At the age of 20, want to earn 10 thousand rupees every month sitting at home? This is the way to earn extra

Share Market: Everyone is looking for means of earning in today’s era. It becomes very difficult to live without earning. At the same time, people find ways to earn even at a young age, but they do not get better earning opportunities. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you such a way of earning, which if done in a restrained manner, even people of 20 years of age can easily earn money and by keeping a target of small amount, good profits can also be earned.

Extra Income

At the age of 20, either people are studying or start a new job. In such a situation, if you get some income at that time even sitting at home, then in this age that amount also seems more. Here we are telling you how to earn 10 thousand rupees every month sitting at home at the age of 20.

Share Market Trading

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Actually, good earnings can be made from the stock market. The stock market remains closed on every Saturday and Sunday. In such a situation, only 22 days of the month are available for trading in the stock market. On the other hand, if two days of holiday are also removed from these 22 days, then there is a chance of trading in the stock market for about 20 days in a month.

Target will have to take this much everyday

In such a situation, at the age of 20, if a target is taken to earn an extra income of Rs 10,000 every month from the stock market, then the amount of Rs 10,000 will have to be divided in 20 trading days of the stock market. In such a situation, 500 rupees per day comes out.

This is how money will be earned

In such a situation, if trading is done in business hours by investing a small amount in the stock market, then a profit of Rs.500 will have to be booked everyday. If an average profit of Rs 500 is earned daily from the stock market, then a profit of Rs 10,000 has been made in 20 business days of the month itself.

take care of them

However, during this time it has to be kept in mind that never get lured by the greed of more profit. In such a situation, there can also be loss. Earning profit according to the target in a restrained manner can reduce the possibility of loss. At the same time, the amount to be invested in the stock market and the stock in which it is being invested should also be taken care of.

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