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Extend the battery life of a slow charging smartphone, change the ‘settings, see Details

Premature depletion of smartphone battery is a big problem for many users. When the phone gets old, its battery runs out quickly and users have to recharge it. But, if you take care of some important things and use some simple tips, the phone will charge very fast. Today we are going to share with you these 5 simple tips to charge your smartphone faster. Which will definitely work for you. Mobile has made the work of many easier, but many times people have to face difficulties when the mobile is turned off due to low battery. In this case, if you also suffer from frequent lowering of your phone’s battery, then this special information is for you. Follow these simple tips and increase the battery life of the smartphone.

Use wall sockets

Use wall sockets: Most of the time users charge their smartphone by connecting to USB via laptop or any other device. This will not give you proper charging speed. If you want to charge the phone quickly, always charge through the charging adapter. Also, if you want the battery life of the phone to last longer, you need to keep the brightness level of the smartphone low. Nowadays smartphone displays are big and bright. But, the bright display of the smartphone reduces the battery life of the smartphone.

Use the original charger and cable

Use only original charger and cable: Many people use duplicate or any company charger when charging smartphones. Each smartphone has different battery capacity and charging speed. Therefore, it is always better to always charge your smartphone with the charging adapter and cable that comes with the phone. Using a separate charger only slows down the charging speed. But, it is also not good for your smartphone’s battery. Therefore, never use fake or duplicate charges while charging the smartphone.

Close Background Apps


Turn off Background apps: This is another important reason why the phone runs out of battery early. Also, it is important to pay attention while charging the phone. Many mobiles are constantly running background apps. But, it is not good for the battery to do so. Apps running in the background of the phone, even when not in use, make the most of the battery. So close all unnecessary apps before putting the phone on charging. Doing so will not take long for the phone to charge. If you want to save your phone from running out of battery soon. So, it is important to keep the apps and operating system in the phone updated.

Turn off Internet, Wi-Fi location

Turn off Internet, Wi-Fi location: Nowadays, it would not be wrong to say that every mobile has 24 hours internet. The internet also drains the smartphone battery quickly. If you can’t turn on airplane mode in the phone, change some of the phone’s settings. Many users continue to have multiple services on their phones even when they are not needed. But, it affects the charging. So turn off location, internet, wifi and bluetooth if not needed. These settings also cause the phone to run out of battery continuously.

Turn on flight mode

Turn on flight mode: It takes a long time to charge the smartphone. This is often the complaint of smartphone users. Some people charge their phones incorrectly, but their devices take a long time to charge. The battery drains quickly when the smartphone is turned off and charged. However, you can use other methods to charge the phone faster. In fact, because of the constant detection of network signals, the battery drains quickly. In that case, you can turn on airplane mode to quickly charge the phone.

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