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Experts list the best diets of 2021

Nutritionists and doctors have identified five of the safest and most effective eating options for 2021. Practicality was another important criterion when forming a diet list.

  1. Mayo Clinic Diet… It is a type of diet that allows you to eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats. Another diet involves at least half an hour of physical activity daily. It is necessary to give up fried foods, margarine, processed meat, all types of soft drinks, canned juices and sugar.
  1. Volumetric diet… This diet reduces the likelihood of cardiovascular disease, diabetes. This diet is based on the use of many low-calorie foods: cereals, legumes, non-starchy fruits and vegetables, skim milk, broth-based soups. If we talk about medium-calorie and high-calorie food, then when choosing such products, their quantity must be taken into account.
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