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Experts have called the “formidable team” of the Russian Air Force

The S-70 will become a wingman for the fighter. This concept assumes that both aircraft will exchange information necessary in battle. At the same time, the attack drone will also have some autonomous capabilities.

Experts believe that the tandem of the “Hunter” and the Su-57 will provide more opportunities during the battle. So, the pilot of the Su-57 will be able to send the drone on a dangerous mission. In addition, the S-70 was recently introduced with a flat nozzle, which makes the drone less visible. And the Su-57 itself should be unobtrusive. This will allow the fighter and drone to operate behind enemy lines.

“The Hunter certainly deserves attention. The action in tandem with the stealth aircraft should raise concerns about the possibility of their interception by the air force, ”the experts noted.

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