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Expert warns about the dangers of free VPNs And even explained why they should be treated with caution.

Recently, more and more Russians are interested in the VPN topic. Many of them gave their preference to free services. It was about their danger that the director of the Center for Legal Assistance to Citizens in the Digital Environment, Lyudmila Kurovskaya, decided to talk.

According to the specialist, VPN services from little-known companies that do not ask for money for their services can earn on user information. They may sell this data for promotional purposes or collect customer smartphone information.

The VPN provider can find out what the user is doing on the network. In some cases, VPNs may even focus more on building your digital profile than the big ISPs, but they are less transparent and less accountable to you.

Recall that Tatyana Lynova, an analyst at the Angara Security operational monitoring group, spoke about the potential problems of free VPNs earlier. According to her, such services practice collecting information about the user and reselling it to third parties for a fee.
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