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Expert explained the danger of future American laser weapons in space

At the same time, according to Apollonov, there are currently no significant successes in Russia in the experimental development of promising directions for the creation of light, compact and effective tactical, and even more so strategic, laser weapons. But in the West, they moved away from the ineffective and expensive technologies of a combat laser, which would be generated by quantum generators on a gas-dynamic, electric-discharge and chemical basis.

This will allow Russia’s conditional adversary to develop a new type of weapon suitable for launching into space – strategic and tactical complexes of solid-state laser weapons. “We will learn about this success of the new generation solid-state aircraft very soon, when the leading countries equip their armed forces with compact and light tactical aircraft systems with a capacity of up to 500 kilowatts, capable of solving a wide range of tasks in power and functional modes, respectively, at ranges of many tens and hundreds of kilometers, ”the expert explained his position.

And this weapon is dangerous for Russia. According to the expert, the United States will be the fastest to create and deploy such weapons into space, and then “the price of the lost time will become well understood by everyone.”

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