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Expensive PNG spoiled the budget of the kitchen, became 50 percent expensive in 6 months

PNG Price Hike: Now cooking food in the kitchen has become expensive because Indraprastha Gas, a company that supplies LPG through pipes in Delhi NCR, has announced a big increase in the prices of PNG. It has been decided to increase the price of PNG by about 10 percent in a single day. Obviously, this will hit the kitchen budget of the people. One is the inflation of food items, on which the cooking gas ie PNG has also become expensive.

PNG becomes 50 percent costlier in 6 months
But do you know that in the last six months, PNG has become costlier by about 50 percent. Before October 1, 2021, PNG used to supply Indraprastha gas in the capital Delhi at Rs 30.91 per MCM (standard cubic meters). But on 14 April 2022, the new price of PNG has increased to Rs 45.86 per SCM.

How expensive PNG spoiled the budget of the house
Let us see how the increase in PNG prices is putting a dent in the pockets of the households being supplied. If you used to consume 25 SCM PNG during the bill period of 60 days before October 1. So if you add Rs.772.72 and 6 per cent VAT to it, then you had to pay PNG bill of about Rs.812. But after April 14, according to the new price of PNG, you will have to pay Rs 1146.50 and add 5 percent VAT which the state government charges, then you will have to pay PNG bill of Rs 1204. That is, you will have to pay 49 percent more money on cooking fuel than six months ago. That is, before October 1, 2021, around Rs 400 was spent on cooking fuel every month, now Rs 600 will have to be spent.

Water returned after supplying cheap cooking gas
The scheme of supplying cooking gas to households through PNG is being expanded in the country. Small towns are going with CNG-PNG. So that cooking gas can be supplied directly to the homes through pipes, people can get cheaper fuel for cooking than LPG. But the continuous increase in the prices of PNG is doing the work of sabotaging the plans to supply cheap gas.

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