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Expensive and useless: the test showed almost zero difference between DDR5 and DDR4 in a gaming computer

On the PRO Hi-Tech channel, presenter Sergey Safonov checked what performance DDR4 and DDR5 memory can provide. As you know, DDR5 memory modules already cost about twice as much as DDR4 memory modules. For testing with DDR4 processors were taken Intel Core i5-12600K, i5-11600K, R5-5600X… Everything was launched in QHD, FHD resolution with various graphics settings. All results can be seen below.

V Cyberpunk 2077 the best average results (109 fps, 115 fps and 105 fps) were obtained in Full HD with i5-11600K, i5-12600K and R5-5600X, respectively. At the same time, the difference in QHD turned out to be insignificant: 76 fps, 73 fps and 73 fps, respectively.

Hitman III ran at 1440p on ultra settings without anti-aliasing. In this case, the highest average frame rate was from the i5-12600K – 155 fps.

In Full HD and QHD, we played at ultra settings in Watch Dogs: Legion… Here again, the best performance results were obtained in Full HD: 121 fps, 124 fps, 120 fps with i5-11600K, i5-12600K, R5-5600X. As for the QHD resolution, with it the speed was equal to 97, 98, 97 fps, respectively.

Rainbow Six Siege in 4K on the ultra-preset again comes with approximately the same results. These are 286 fps, 289 fps and 291 fps, however, in this case the R5-5600X processor is already in the lead.

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