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Exclusive: Koo competes with Twitter, preparing like this to reach door to door

New Delhi. Twitter is becoming divided. From the company’s employees to the users, everyone is running angry with Twitter. In such a situation, it is natural to find an alternative to this app. While searching for the answer to this question, we Mayank Bidawatka, co-founder of Koo App talked to. Please tell that Koo is an Indian microblogging website. Now know from Mayank’s words how Koo app can become a strong alternative to Twitter.

Certainly, users are unhappy with Twitter for a variety of reasons. Fees for blue ticks, paying for DMs (allegedly) etc are part of this resentment. I think this is the perfect time to grow in terms of users, features and many other things. What is Koo’s plan with this whole situation?
answer: Koo’s co-founder Mayank told that we started in the year 2020 and now we have achieved more than 50 million downloads. Our growth is proof that we are solving a problem for many Indians. We started Koo because 80% of people in India and around the world speak a language other than English. In such a situation, it becomes very important that very immersive language features are given to the users.

Seeing the way people are disagreeing with Twitter at this time, millions of users are looking for an alternative to this app. We have a strong product which can be an alternative and users may like it. Many great features have been given in it, which users are very fond of. Following are some of these features.

  • Upload up to 10 profile photos
  • Multi-Lingual Cueing (MLK) – Create posts in multiple languages ​​on one screen
  • Schedule Koo
  • make a draft
  • Save Koo
  • Attach a maximum of 10 images (Twitter only allows 4)
  • Attach long videos – up to 512MB
  • Edit Koo
  • Immersive profile page with large profile picture
  • Translate a Koo from one language to another
  • easy people search
  • More than 1000 topics to choose from
  • posting with 500 characters
  • long threads

Question:Is Koo working on new features?
answer: We are working on many new features. read below:

  • Stories
  • Ability to go live
  • To post in multiple international languages
  • People feeds in multiple countries and languages
  • Ability to see # from different parts of the world
  • Detailed statistics for creators
  • Quote creation tool
  • community group

Apart from this, the company is working on many other new features which users may like very much.

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Question: What is Koo’s agenda to leave behind Twitter?
answer: Millions of users are unhappy with Twitter. Twitter’s own employees have alerted users to tech issues. Because thousands of people have been evacuated, this problem is bound to come. Elon Musk is making very hasty decisions which are affecting users and employees around the world at large. Some top executives of the firm have resigned. Users are being asked to pay $8, which is $96 a year. All these things are reducing the credibility of Twitter as a brand. In such a situation, the world is looking for its alternative.

We have created a product that the world can use. It has many features that Twitter does not have. It’s time to provide the best free micro-blogging experience to the users all over the world. Basic features are not charged in this. We believe that every citizen has the right to express himself. Our next focus is to let users know that we now have a strong alternative to microblogging. We aim to take our products to the rest of the world.


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