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Exclusive: 5G will be fun in villages too! 5G speed will also be available in cheap phones

new Delhi. The budget range is one segment that sees the most competition. Because every smartphone manufacturer wants to be on top in this segment and provide more affordable options to the users. Apart from budget smartphones, companies are launching many such phones which are being introduced in the mid-range and come with 5G. But now users want that they can get 5G connectivity at a budget price only. But is it possible, will budget phones get better 5G connectivity soon. Let’s know from itel India CEO Arjit Talpatra.

When will 5G come in budget smartphones:

Bringing 5G to a budget phone is not a difficult task. It can be deployed easily. But we are waiting for our 370 million consumer (which will increase further), we will be ready for 5G in the market as soon as the network is ready, which we think will be by H2. We are a technology company in which Infinix-Tecno also comes. These have already been launched in 5G. So it is not difficult for us to bring 5G. But it is very important for itel to understand the consumer.

5G will be made available through telecom operators. We can bring 5G devices anytime but we do not want to do any kind of experiment with the users. Right now 4G has a lot of scope and it has a huge area.

Right now 220 million consumers are in 2G, so there is no country where 220 million users are in 2G, 700 million users are in 4G and 80 million users are in 5G. Even after launching 5G, India is at number three after America and China. Now we have to bring 2G to 4G and give more value to 4G. Because if we go towards rural areas then they are not even getting 4G service properly. Nevertheless, we are ready as soon as the operators are there, we promise that we will start providing 5G.

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Our Opinion: That is, it would not be wrong to say that if telecom companies provide 5G service in rural areas, then soon 5G phones will start being available there as well and companies will start working on 5G phones in large numbers. Along with this, it is also important to take care that people can get better phones at a lower price.


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