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Exactly 36 years ago, the very first Windows came out: what it was

And on November 20 …

… in 1914, the US State Department began requiring a passport photo. The debate about which country was the pioneer in such requirements has not subsided to this day, but given the fact that the history of photography in the United States has been going on for almost a century, and since the 1980s, Kodak film cameras have been available to Americans, it is not surprising there was no such early development of the passport photo.

In the Russian Empire, passports began to circulate in 1721 (by decree of Peter I) – they were originally intended for peasants who were temporarily excommunicated from their estates. Instead of a photograph, they contained a verbal description of the owner, more like a composite sketch (special signs were indicated – moles, gait defects, scars, etc.), religion, marriage status. Such a passport was replaced annually and was not cheap.

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