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Every third iPhone owner does not know about the existence of this feature. A new poll shows that many are not well versed in the capabilities of iOS

A recent Slashgear survey among iPhone owners confirms that many iOS users are unaware of the existence of various features in their smartphones.

The survey revealed that almost 10% do not know that they can turn off app notifications through the Settings menu. 19% don’t know they can add extensions to the Safari web browser on their iPhone. To do this, you need to open the Safari preferences, click “Extensions” and select “More extensions” and view the available ones.

Another lesser-known feature that iPhone users aren’t usually aware of is the notification summary. Apple released this feature in iOS 15, allowing users to create a summary of notifications on their phone and view them for a set amount of time. Although this feature has become quite popular, 15.20% of survey participants were not aware of it.

An additional hidden feature on the iPhone allows users to set time limits for their apps. It’s called App Restrictions and is found under Screen Time in the Settings app. 25.68% of respondents did not know about this possibility. That being said, Apple introduced the feature with iOS 12 in 2018.

Finally, with the incredibly convenient Handoff feature, you can start working on one device and then switch to another device that is nearby and continue working from the same place. 30.24% of survey participants were not aware of the existence of such a feature.

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