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Even Xiaomi’s management doesn’t fully understand the screen technologies of the Xiaomi 12 Pro

Lu Weibong, who is the president of Xiaomi Group China and the CEO of Redmi, also advertises the upcoming Xiaomi 12 line on your Weibo social media page.

In his last post, he admitted that he himself does not fully understand the technologies that are used in the Xiaomi 12 Pro screen. As a reminder, Lei Jun stated that the Xiaomi 12 Pro screen has received a brand new E5 luminescent material, second generation LTPO materials, Mirco-Lens microprism technology and intelligent dynamic refresh rate technology.

Lu Weibing noted that the principle of operation of the Mirco-Lens microprism remains a mystery to him. The source clarifies that microprism technology has been used in some mobile phones before. The principle of the technology is similar to the principle of focusing modern car headlights, which can reduce light loss, increase luminous efficiency, and also reduce power consumption under the same brightness conditions.

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With E5 luminous material and adaptive refresh rate, the screen can effectively reduce power consumption and avoid excessive power consumption, thus extending the phone’s battery life.

The head of the company added that the Xiaomi 12 Pro display is the best screen ever installed in a Xiaomi smartphone and a new benchmark for the entire smartphone industry. In a regular Xiaomi 12 installed a FullHD screen and here’s why.

The release of smartphones will take place on December 28.


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