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Even those who talk about iPhone do not know this truth! hard to believe

iPhone Apple: These things about iPhone are not completely true and if you believe in them then you do not need to know their truth. 

Apple iPhone: Often users running iPhone troll users using Android smartphones and talk big about the iPhone. iPhone users are surprised to hear these things. As a result, Android users also start using iPhone. However, before buying an iPhone, you should be well aware of some things, otherwise you may also have to worry. In fact, users tell the merits of the iPhone, but just like the common smartphone, the iPhone is also not as perfect as it is told. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you some such truth about the iPhone, about which it is very important for you to know. 

These are the myths related to iPhone 

You must have heard that iPhones come with such a great processor that they never hang, which is true to a large extent, but this is not entirely true because iPhones hang and this happens many times. The iPhone hangs less than the Android phone, but users do not have any complaints about it, so if you thought that the iPhone does not hang, it is wrong. If you think that the iPhone cannot be hacked, then it is completely wrong because many such cases have come to the fore in which the iPhone has been made a victim of hacking.

If you think that the iPhone comes with the world’s best smartphone camera, it is wrong because the camera in the iPhone is definitely the best, but some cheap smartphones also have a better camera and in terms of camera, the iPhone is at number one. does not come.

If you think that the battery that lasts all day is given in the iPhone, then it is not so because there are only a few models which have a strong battery, in all other models the battery runs like a normal smartphone. If you think that there is no problem in the iPhone, then it is wrong because it breaks when it falls, and just like other smartphones, there is a problem with the volume to the display, in such a situation, this phone is also different from the others. is the same as.


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