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Even if there is a network in the phone, still calling will happen indiscriminately, this technology will change your experience

Free Calling with Internet: Many times you are in such places where network is not coming in your mobile. In such a situation, neither you can call anyone nor can anyone’s call come on your phone. But, if we tell you that you can call even in such a situation and someone else can also call you, will you believe it? You must be sure that this can happen. But, it has a condition. For this, your phone should have an internet connection and in a place without a mobile network, you will have to connect the phone to WiFi and get internet. After this you can make calls from your phone with the help of internet. This call can be made with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, which uses the Internet.

What is VoIP 

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) refers to the transmission of voice and multimedia content over an Internet connection. With VoIP, voice calls can be made from computers, laptops and smartphones. You can also record this call. This technology offers you calling in the best quality. If the internet connection is perfect then there is no problem like call drop and call interruption. 

How VoIP Works 

If you want to understand it in very simple words, then let us tell you that today there are fewer smartphones that support WiFi calling, if you have such a phone and you use WiFi calling, then you can understand That VoIP is a similar technology. VoIP service converts user’s voice from audio signal to digital data and then sends that data through internet.

Ankit Dudhvewala, CEO and Co-Founder, Appitsimple Infotech Pvt Ltd, said, “Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or cloud telephony technology is one of the many ways to make or receive phone calls over the Internet. Calls can be made or received directly from any computer, laptop or mobile device.These days, evolving smartphone technology has made it easy to make VoIP calls via both Wi-Fi and mobile data This is possible with the help of VoIP technology, which is the core of Internet based calling services (VOIP).”

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